Product Description

We offer Bi-metal & Tri-metal Connecting Rod Bearing, Main Bearings, Center Bearing & Connecting Rod Bush, Camshaft Bush for Various type of Diesel Engines, Marine Engines, Compressors, Generator and various type of other Reciprocating and Rotating Machinery.

we offer 4 types of different Alloys which are bonded to a steel back to produce the finished product.

Lead Base : Lead Base Alloy having 83% Lead, 15% Antimony, 1% Tin, 1% Arsenic. Lead base bearings are cheaper than Tin base bearings and satisfactory for operation at medium and low speeds.

White Metal : White Metal Tin base having 90% Tin, 7% Antimony, 3% Copper. This is for low load applications specially used for high speed engines with light loading as in automobiles.

Aluminium Base : Aluminium Base Alloy bearings are of Cast Solid Aluminium, or Aluminium with Steel Back or Aluminium with a suitable overlay. An Aluminium Bearing Alloy has shown promises as a substitute for bronzes in some industrial applications. These bearings are best suited for operation with hard journals.

Copper lead Base : Copper Lead Alloy consists of a continuous matrix of harder metal (Copper) with a small amount of softer metal (Lead). The Lead particles are finely spread throughout it. The Copper Lead Alloys owe their frictional properties to the spreading of thin film of soft lead over the surface of hard copper. These Alloys are stronger than the Babbitt. This Alloy is highly recommended for good fatigue strength, high load capacity and performance at high temperatures.

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