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Who, Why, Needs a Security Camera

Homeowners: Many people may think that their home is too small or unpretentious to attract a thief. On the contrary, any residence that appears unprotected or without any security could be a potential target. With the downturn of the economy, crime in many regions of the U.S. continues to rise and affects all income levels. A Gallup poll conducted in October of 2009 indicates that 74% or Americans perceive an increase in crime. Homeowners in all sectors receive added protection from an outdoor security camera that operates on a 24-hour period.

Business Property Owners: Property owners who purchase investment properties for rental purposes also benefit from installing a camera for outdoor security. If tenants feel protected, they will be willing to pay higher rent to cover the costs. A surveillance system also protects against vandalism and graffiti. Property in small industrial zones is also at risk and may harbor a potential target for stealing valuable electronic equipment or inventory held in the building.

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