Product Description

Color Doppler Machine

4 Dimensional Imaging (Real Time 3D)

4D or real time 3D is another major breakthrough achievement. Through the 4D module that’s embedded in the ultrasound system Aakarui 50 could easily realize real time 3D imaging functionalities such as driving of 3D volumetric probe, 3D data acquisition, 3D data reconstruction and post processing. Apart from being a useful aid to diagnosing neonatal defects, the 4D package enable live display of foetus inside the mother’s body, which remains a forever pleasure to the mother and family.

Complete Clinical Application

CFM (Colour Flow Mapping).

PW (Pulse Wave Doppler).

CDE (Colour Doppler Energy).

Dir – CDE (Directional CDE).

HPRF (High Pulse Repetitive Frequency).


Triplex (B + CFM + CW).

4D (Real Time 3D).

Extended Field o View Imaging. Trapezoidal Imaging. THI (Two group of harmonic wave in each probe).

Intra operative ultrasound. Ultrasound guided Biopsy.

Superb phased array cardiac imaging and professional cardiac measurement software package.

Unique Clinical Functionalities

RTNT – Real Time Network Transfer of both images and videos.

SVVR – Super Volume Video Recording. Upto 1 hour.

Direct Printing – Freeze print, by passing DICOM or Work Station. Save time and cost of thermal paper.

Support all printers – End users could install drive for any video, inkjet and laser printer themselves.

One click restoration of Operating System.

Internally embedded work station – Support multiple templates and expert annotation.

Automatic identification of probes.

Flexible OB formula.

Integrated super volume HDD, DVD – RW,

USB storage.


Voice Command of operation.

Procuct Code   Color-224
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