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Sales & Services : Installation & Compressor Overhauling, Medical Equipment AMC & Repair, Computer AMC & Repair, Security Systems AMC & Repair .


Compressor overhauling

Dismantling the complete compressor inspecting all the parts such as Crankshaft and bearing , C.R. Bearing , Connecting rods , Gudgeon pins Pistons , Liner assembly , Oil pump assembly , shaft seal assembly , valve plate , capacity control system , cleaning all parts and assembling with necessary new parts , charging fresh refrigerant oil , pressure testing with nitrogen for leaks, testing for efficiency.

Medical Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Medical equipment repairers, also known as biomedical equipment technicians (BMET), maintain, adjust, calibrate, and repair a wide variety of electronic, electromechanical, and hydraulic equipment used in hospitals and other medical environments, including health practitioners’ offices. They may work on patient monitors, defibrillators, medical imaging equipment

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